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Technology: Is It Doing More Bad Than Good?
By BizHancer Team | Oct 12, 2017 at 19:11

The everyday advancements in technology are designed to provide us a better lifestyle. The main purpose of technology is to enable us to do any work with putting in less effort and in lesser time. The technology has indeed given us many useful gadgets that have completely reduced the time taking tiring tasks to a child’s play. Initially, washing clothes was a tedious task that involved all the house members for the whole day. With the help of automatic washing machines, the clothes are washed and dried by a single push of button. The mobiles and internets have virtually erased the distances across the world by enabling the user to connect with their family and loved ones sitting in the other part of the world by just a click.

Technology Doing More

Technology has remarkable benefits. But at the same time, it has a dark side also. The easy access of internets on mobiles have got us connected to the oodles of informative resources. But at the same time, it has open the doors to unpleasant content as well. All most all the kids of this generations are exposed to mobiles as soon as they are born. Initially for taking their pictures, then for keeping them engaged and then to help them do their home works, we unknowingly make the mobiles a pivotal part in their life.

The children are inquisitive. They are fast learners as well. If exposed to explicit content, the children may lose their sanity. Many times, these young minds share their personal details on the social media sites. Many such instances have taken place in different parts of the world where the victim child has unknowingly shared his personal detail with the accused on some online portal.

The technology has taken the gaming experience to an exceptionally high level. The virtual game appears real and engaging. The three-dimensional high definition effects make the image look more clear than real. However, this virtual reality plays with the mind of young children. Many games like Pokémon Go, Blue Whale have caused fatal damages to many kids across the world. Innocent children have fallen prey to these life threatening games.

Technology More Bad Than Good

The children in lure of getting instant popularity make weird videos and share the personal information about their acquaintances without realizing the harsh outcomes. The advance phone hit the markets everyday. These high-tech phone and gadgets have become the style statement of today’s young generation. Youths carry mobiles costing more than their pocket money. It induces an unnecessary pressure on the members of peer group. The need of having the latest gadgets hence drives these not so grown minds to indulge into illegal actions.

The technology has given us the fastest mode of sharing information, the internet. At the same time, this technology is adequately used by the antisocial elements hence supporting them to carry disruptive actions.

As it was said in a very popular movie, “With great power comes the great responsibility”, the technology has provided each of its user an immense power and hence it is the duty of every technology user to use it wisely.

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