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How backlinks are so crucial for search engine optimization?
By BizHancer Team | Oct 28, 2017 at 19:11

There are a number of websites and products available online. But there is an issue, how you can make your product popular among all. For a new internet marketer, it is necessary to learn search engine optimization. Only search engine optimization can help him in getting higher rank for popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

You should also be familiar with the effective search engine optimization techniques that can help you to make your website search engine friendly. Backlinks is the solution for the issue. Backlinks are the hyperlinks that are available somewhere else on the web and redirects the users at your main website. Backlinks are the key elements for search engine optimization.

Backlinks Checker Tools

Backlinks: Quality Vs Quantity

Backlinking has become essential part of SEO today but how many of us understand actual meaning of backlinks? According to Google web masters they will remain major ranking factors in coming years. There may be chances that you may get higher ranks on Google but to compete with most authoritative sites in the industry, you must focus on to quality backlinks.

Backlinks are crucial for search engine optimization. But there is a lot of difference between high quality Backlinks and poor quality Backlinks. Here our main objective is to make familiar others about high quality and poor quality Backlinks.

The website with large number of Backlinks is ranked higher in the Google search engine. To get the high rank, people started to purchase thousands of links from online link service Provider Company. These links were not relevant. This was the strategy to get high rank in the Google search engine.

Google came to know about this fact later. Today, Google uses filter to separate the high quality and poor quality links. I personally believe one relevant link is 100 times better as compared to hundreds useless links.

Now only quality link websites are ranked higher in the Google search engine. Google trusts .edu and .gov sites more as compared to .com websites. It would be better if you can get .edu and .gov Backlinks for your website.

How Do I get the Backlinks?

Here we are going to discuss some most commonly targeted sources to get the Backlinks. These sources are - Article directories, Web directories, Forum and bulletin board, Social Bookmarking websites and Blogs etc.

Getting backlinks is not enough so we need to discuss on the topic Organic ways to increase quality backlinks on your website in future articles. Also, we will discuss on Backlinks checker tools, backlinks reporter tools and Internet marketing tools to automate Backlinking process for large organizations.

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