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A complete guide to Phlebotomy Training and certification
By BizHancer Team | Oct 11, 2017 at 19:11

The collecting of blood samples from veins is known as phlebotomy and the person who performs this task is called phlebotomist. The extracted blood sample undergoes a test further to fix overall patients’ health.

This task is usually done by a certified phlebotomy technician. Blood analysis is an initial stage for various medical problems. If you are taking the case of dialysis, the blood is properly cleaned and again injected in veins. This is a difficult process and need to be carried out with extreme care. In most of the cases, the process is handled out by certified phlebotomist.

A complete guide to Phlebotomy

For this purpose, phlebotomist requires a proper phlebotomy training that teaches them how to take care of patients. The time span for a phlebotomy training program varies from institute to institute. The institute makes you familiar with the good blood collection techniques and other medical attentions. After drawing the blood samples, the next important factor is to store them safely.

Phlebotomist training programs educate you how to deal with collected blood samples. The attractive thing about the program is that it takes little time in getting qualified and also pays well. In most of cases, it takes only 25 to 35 weeks in completing the training program.

Considering a career as a phlebotomy professional???

Few people are not sure about starting a career as a phlebotomy technician. But the fact is you have a large number of options as a phlebotomy professional. A phlebotomist can work in different environments like blood banks, government hospitals, private clinics, and laboratory.

After a Phlebotomist training and practical experience, you can also work as an administrator in hospitals. The average income of Phlebotomist technician is $25000 to $30000 per year. The income cannot make you rich but enough to start a family at your own basis.

Here are some factors that affect your pay rate. You will get more if you are working in hospital than in a blood bank or laboratory. The location also affects the pay rate for a Phlebotomist technician. The other important factor to consider is experience. You work more you earn more. Finally Phlebotomist certification helps you in hiking the pay rate. You can find various institutes that conduct phlebotomy certification exam for desired candidates.

Phlebotomy Training

Starting with Phlebotomy Training Program

Various vocational or technical schools are offering phlebotomy training program that continues for 25 to 35 weeks. Phlebotomist training can be excellent option if you are interested in lab settings. In this career option, you should know how to make other comfortable. If you have not sufficient time, it is a good idea to opt for phlebotomy training online. You can continue online phlebotomy training along with other medical options. The best thing about the online program is that you don’t have to move anywhere. You can complete phlebotomy training online at your home. The course can be complete in less than three months.

Online training programs mainly focuses on the techniques and communication skills need to relax the patient. It would be excellent if you are able to add some practical training along with online training program.

A good phlebotomy training online program includes blood sample collection, urine collection, testing sample, drug management, and effective communication. It is also necessary to study some legal aspects along with medical knowledge.

If you want to start an internship in hospital then it is necessary to obtain phlebotomist certification in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Once you are completed with online phlebotomy training and phlebotomist certification, you can start your job in a hospital or blood bank.

Facts you should know before you start your job

If you have completed your phlebotomy training, the next step is to join a job in hospital or blood bank. The first day at your work place may be nervous as you have not any practical experience. You should remind all the medical facts that you have learnt in your phlebotomist training.

Till now you were dealing with the fake blood only. This is the time you have to experiment with patients and real blood. In the starting, try to help as many patients as you can. During your phlebotomy training course, you must have worked with your classmates and other people. But psychology of patient is quite different from others. They may be frustrating or afraid of needles. You should treat them by a relax mind.

You don’t have to memorize any script that you have learnt in your phlebotomist training. Understand the patient’s psychology and try something natural. You should be friendly and cooperative with your patient. As soon as he feels comfortable, extract the blood sample and store it for further observation. As a medical care provider, you should walk around in the hospital all day. The main task of a phlebotomist is to provide medical assistance to doctors.

Your close supervision also helps you to know other medical conditions in the hospital. If you are still nervous then don’t show it in front of your patient. Make them realize that you are a good phlebotomist and doing this task from last many years. Once you are done with the first patient, you will feel more comfortable with other patients. You should not take phlebotomy training course as a burden. You should always thing positive when you leave your home for hospital. Phlebotomy training also includes how to stay pleasant with your patient.

Phlebotomy Certification Program for sure shot success in your career

Phlebotomy Certification has become an important area to consider if you want to get a job in hospital as phlebotomist. This is the reason why a phlebotomist requires phlebotomy training and phlebotomy certificate. Phlebotomy certification assures the patients that they are dealing with a qualified phlebotomist.

The certification starts with various phlebotomy training courses taken from vocational or technical schools. It is not an issue to find a good training school near to your location. Phlebotomy training courses cover a wide range of subjects. From the last, you have to find your area of interest where you can implement your skills.

Once you are completed with your phlebotomy training course, you can fill a form for phlebotomy certification exam. You can various agencies across the country that conducts certification exam and phlebotomist training programs.

There is also a fee associated with certification program. Different agencies charge different from the candidates. The average fee for the course is $2500 or more. You can also read the complete instructions about the certification program online. You can also prepare for the phlebotomy certification exam online.

Phlebotomy certificate is a green signal for your bright phlebotomist career. You should be clear that certification program is not easy. It is necessary to complete your phlebotomy training with great care. You should also be hard working if you want to get this phlebotomy certificate. Before starting any phlebotomist training, you should not forget to complete your home work. You should research about the best phlebotomy training courses and phlebotomy training schools online. Only a good research can help you in taking an intelligent decision.

How to prepare for the certification exam?

Your exam result assesses your level of knowledge in a particular area. Before taking classes, it is necessary to register for a training program and attending phlebotomist training classes. It does not matter either you are going for a full time or part time classes. The main objective is to gain knowledge by the course. It would be excellent to focus on practical areas instead of theoretical parts.

Some recommended training materials like research guide books, multiple choice questions, question bank, and practice test sheets help you for preparing a certification exam. All study material creates an exam environment around you.

The performance sheet helps you in recognizing your strength and weakness. In this way, you can be more focused about your weak areas. In this competitive world, it is quite difficult to get a job without phlebotomist certificate.

How to Locate Phlebotomy Jobs after Certification?

Now you are completed with phlebotomy training and certification. The last area is to focus is how to locate phlebotomy jobs after certification. Your Phlebotomist training faculty and institute can help you in seeking a right job for you. They also help you for preparing resume and interviews. You can also locate job in the area of your choice. Internet is an excellent source for finding the current job openings in hospitals and blood banks. Phlebotomist training also gives you a chance to explore your skills and talent in medical areas. The best thing about the Phlebotomist career is recession proof jobs.

Even in uncertain economy, demands for doctors and medical experts will not be reduced. There is no doubt it is considered as a safe career option and certified candidate gets priority over others. It is not possible to complete the phlebotomy training without hard work and pain. But you should not panic. Strong determination and commitment will surely help you in achieving your goal. During your training, try to make a good network with medical professionals. They will guide you for a correct career path. In this way, you could be able to get your dream job.

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