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How To Take Care Of Kids During Changing Season
By BizHancer Team | Nov 01, 2017 at 09:11

Summers are taking adieu while the cold winds are making the days pleasant. Though it is sunny but the warmth of the sun is soothing. Trees have shed their old leaves and showing the signs of new ferns. In simple words the autumn season has arrived. It is indeed the best of all seasons. It is balanced. The climate stays pleasant throughout the day. This season is the time for outdoor outings, picnics during day while barbeques and bonfire during the nights. The series of Hindu festivals during this time of the years make the season more celebrative.


Along with pleasant climate and festivals, this season is also known for aggravating the illnesses and ailments. There are pollen grains in the air during this time of the season. These pollens aggregate the asthmatic problems. Also, the pollens cause breathing issues in many small children and elderly people. The children with weak chest are vulnerable to catch severe cough and cold during this season. Furthermore, the change in temperature give rise to numerous viral infections that again hit the small children very easily. To make the situation worst, the diseases caused by mosquito bites are at the high rise during this season. Dengue, Malaria, Chicken Guinea and many other viral infections are caused because of the mosquitoes that breed at the fastest rate in this season.

Precaution is always better than cure. With these small and easy tips, we can prevent our children from getting infected by these illnesses and enjoy the season as its best. The eucalyptus oil is one of the very effective remedy that prevents young and adults from catching infections. The eucalyptus oil is readily available in any chemist shop. It has a strong smell. Just dab a drop of this oil on the clothes of the child. The strong medicinal aroma of this oil kills all the germs and viruses present in the air surrounding the child. Also, this oil keeps the mosquitoes at the bay. This oil can be used for small children as well. A drop of this oil on the pillow or on the blanket of the infants will keep them safe from catching any air born infection.


Water and all other fluids enhances the immunity. During this season, the temperature is low and we do not feel thirsty often. The kids also reduce their water intake naturally. However, it is not the right habit. The kids should be deliberately given at least 7 to 8 glasses of water during this season. Drinks rich in vitamin c can replace the water. This habit improves the immunity of the child and adult alike.

The child must change their clothes and wash their hands and legs as soon as they come back to home from school. If at all they have caught the germs from outside, this habit will not let them get affected adversely. By following these simple steps, we can keep the children of our family hale and hearty.

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