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Do painting To Control Temper
By BizHancer Team | Nov 02, 2017 at 15:11

Most of us today are leading a life like a machine. We wake up at a particular time of the day, follow the same old freshening routine, get ready and take the same old path out of the home and catch the same old bus or drive on the same old road to reach our destination. We complete the monotonous tasks, surrounded by the same group of people and return back home. It is indeed so boring. Where has the excitement gone? The life becomes so monotonous and predictable. Weekends are for enjoyment but the pending tasks consume all the time. And finally comes the Sunday, the day on which we do not feel like coming out of the bed and doing anything.


There should be at least one activity in everyone’s life which is awaited and yearned for. It should be something that gives the sense of accomplishment and contentment. Many people join dance classes and music classes to enrich their lives with exhilaration. Many take adventurous trips and indulge into activities like trekking and camping to add that missing zeal into their lives. Out of many such exciting activities, painting is the one that soothes both mind and heart pleasantly.

Even if you do not consider yourself an artist, you must try painting to get an experience. It is indeed a blissful feeling to see how few colours and some strokes crate a magic. There are many ways of colouring. To start with, you can pick the oil pastels. They are available in vibrant shades and are very easy to use. Pick an A3 size drawing book from any stationary shop. Do not forget to buy the drawing pencils and an eraser.

Vigilant Children

If you are a beginner, you must try your hand to draw still objects. You can explore the internet to get the ideas on the topics that you want to sketch. Landscapes, flowers, birds and water are easy to draw and are very eye soothing. Initially, you can pick any drawing from the internet and copy the same on your canvas. Gradually you will get a sense about varied colours and their shades.

Once you are thorough with the oil paintings, you can try your hand on acrylic colours. The acrylic colours are the best at creating mesmerising pieces of art. These colours are applied with the help of brushes. Get a set of round and flat brushed to start with your painting. The acrylic painting demands high concentration and lots of patience. Once you start doing acrylic paintings, you will learn to believe in yourself. This form of art teaches patience, focus, determination and concentration. You cannot be aggressive while painting. At the same time, you cannot lose the focus.

Painting for just a few hours once in a week will bring a noticeable positive change in your behaviour. If you want to take up the activity seriously, you can also appoint a trained teacher who can come at your home and teach the art.

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