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Detox After Diwali
By BizHancer Team | Oct 30, 2017 at 15:11

Diwali is the biggest Hindu festival. It is celebrated with immense joy and enthusiasm by all ages of people across the country. The Diwali preparations begin a month before the big day. Every household is cleaned and decorated to welcome Goddess Laxmi, who is worshipped during the festival. Many traditional sweets and snacks are prepared during Diwali time. It is customary to visit all the relatives and friends to convey Diwali wishes. People exchange gifts and sweets as a token of gratitude during the festival. Playing cards is considered auspicious during the Diwali season. Many people host card parties at their homes and invite close friends and relatives to play cards. Diwali in other words means lots of socialising and loads of calorie intake! But that is the beauty of this festival. However, it is very necessary to detox after the festival is over if you do not want to see an extra layer of fat around your waist.

This article tells about simple tips that will help you to detox your body without being starved. Post Diwali, there are few routines that help to cut the fat that have been consumed in form of sweets, fried snacks, sweet drinks etc.

Immediately start an exercising routine

It is very important to start any exercising routine as soon as the festival gets over. This will not let the fat layer to settle down under your skin and hence will enable you to burn it out easily. Walking, Gym, cycling or simple dancing in your home will do the wonders. Religiously follow the exercising routine at least for the first fifteen days after Diwali.

Watch What You Are Eating

Now that you have already taken a lot of unwanted calories, this is the time to keep a strict watch on what is going inside your stomach. Just say “no” to all the outside food. If possible do not take any kind of artificial sugar for one week. No sugar in tea or coffee, no biscuits and of course no sweets. This will help your body to consume all the extra sugar.

Fasting Is Indeed Effective

Choose any day of the week as “no cereal day”. On this day, do not take any kind of cereal. Stick to fruits, nuts and milk and salads. This routine will help your body to detox thoroughly. Consume drinks like lime water, coconut water, green tea to enhance the process of detoxification.

What To Eat

Increase the quantity of antioxidants like pomegranate, fish, raw vegetables in your diet. These routines are easy to follow and indeed are very effective. The will not only take care of all the extra calories that you have consumed during the festival but also help you to maintain a healthy weight. Excess sugar leads to many health problems. It is not good for skin and hair as well. By following these tips you can expect a healthy energetic body and a glowing skin. Avoid food made out of all-purpose flour and red meat as it takes time to get digested.

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