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From Zero to Billionaire – Most of them were born poor, now they are inspiring business tycoons!
By BizHancer Team | Oct 10, 2017 at 13:11

Most of the business tycoons were born poor and now they are counted among top richest person in the world. Here, we have listed about top 5 people and about their journey from zero to billionaire. These people have proved that everything can be accomplished with true determination and hard work!

steve jobs BizHancer

Steve Jobs (American)– Founder of Apple Company

  • Annual Income - Rs. 14 lac crores approx

Steve job is an American businessman adopted by a middle class family in USA by Paul and Clara Jobs. He was working on a software program in his parents’ garage. During his research work, he successfully discovered first Apple Computer with his friend Steve Woznaik.

Amancio Ortega BizHancer

Amancio Ortega (Spanish) – Founder of ZARA

  • Annual Income - Rs.4.2 lac crores approx

He is a Spanish businessman that runs largest fashion empire in the world ZARA. His annual income makes him fourth richest person in the world. As of now, he owns more than 2000 stores across 80 countries and presence of his brand can be felt almost everywhere.

Larry Ellison BizHancer

Larry Ellison (American) - Founder of Oracle

  • Annual Income - Rs.3.2 lac crores approx

Larry Ellison is an American businessman that was born an orphan. Today, he runs one of the most successful software Companies Oracle. In 1977, he started his own software development Company along with his partner. Later, Company got a name Oracle in 1982 and become a dream workplace for software developers worldwide.

Deerubhai Ambani BizHancer

Deerubhai Ambani (Indian)– Founder of Reliance Industries

  • Annual Income - Rs. 2.4 lac crores approx

Deerubhai Ambani is an Indian business tycoon whose father was a school teacher. He started working at petrol pump in Aden with a small income of 200 Rs. per month. During 1950s, he came back to India and started textile business along with his cousin.

Ingvar Kamprad BizHancer

Ingvar Kamprad (Spanish) – Founder of IKEA

  • Annual Income - Rs.72 thousand crores approx.

He is a Spanish business tycoon sells ready to assemble furniture in more than 50 countries. Ingvar Kamprad was a son of poor farmer and he started his business in 1943 when he was just seventeen years old.

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