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Sedentary lifestyle is a common issue to most of the urbanites
By BizHancer Team | Sep 12, 2017 at 16:21

Sedentary lifestyle is a common issue to most of the urbanites. Most of us spend a good amount of time of the day sitting and accomplishing the tasks on various gadgets like computers, laptops, tablets and many more. Even the kids are not spared by the gadget love. They love to spend their time playing online games on various hi-tech gadgets. This kind of lifestyle is unhealthy. It can cause long term damages to our health. Obesity, lack of concentration, poor eye sight, weak and under developed bones are some of the many ailments that might inhibit our body if we are following an inactive lifestyle.

Exercise is an inevitable necessity of our body. In not only ensures a healthy body weight but also keeps the muscles strong and flexible. A regular exercising routine keeps helps you to meditate, keep the brain fresh and heart happy. By following a regular exercising routine, we feel satisfied and hence happy. With an exercised body, we feel confident about the way we look. There are many ways of exercising to choose rom. One must pick the exercising routine of his or her choice. It is important because exercising daily needs lot of self-motivation. If the exercising regime chosen is not of your interest, you will not be able to follow it for long.

Also, it is advisable to change the form of exercise occasionally. One repeatedly doing a fixed exercise, our body gets used to it and hence the effectiveness of that exercise reduces. There are many different types of exercise.

Yoga is an ancient and renowned way of keeping the body healthy. There are various asannas or poses in Yoga with which the Yoga practitioner can improve the metabolism of his body, reduce weight, improve functioning of various organs. Yoga also helps in reducing diabetes. Regular yoga exercises keeps the thyroid in control and provide numerous health benefits. These exercises are helpful for both mind and heart. It relaxes the body and rejuvenates it to take up daily challenges. These exercises are very beneficial for the upkeep of good skin and hair. There are many Yoga instructors and Yoga ashrams that teach the aspirant the right way of doing this form of exercises. Many videos and online instructions are also available for learning Yoga. However, it is indeed very important to perform these exercises under the supervision of a trained Yoga practitioner. Also, people with back problem, pregnant women and people with special condition should perform only a specific set of exercises under supervision. Yoga helps a lot in keeping blood pressure problems at the bay during pregnancy. By following simple and comfortable aasnas, the mother to be can avoid many health hazards and ensure smooth delivery. However, one must consult the associated doctor before taking up any such routine.

Yoga has numerous breathing exercises. These exercises improve respiratory system, improves flow of blood across the body and reduces anxiety. Yoga is a very helpful exercise for kids as well.

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