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Dance Out Those Extra Kilos - Balanced Control Diet
By BizHancer Team | Sep 11, 2017 at 15:00

Weight management is tricky. A balanced control diet, a religious exercising routine are imperative to maintain a good shape of body. There are many ways to exercise. Walking, jogging, running, swimming, playing rigorous sports like squash, lawn tennis helps to maintain a healthy weight. One must be motivated and dedicated to exercise. It is rather easy to reduce the weight but very difficult to maintain it. By following strict diet, the weight can be reduced in few months. But what happens when the earlier routine is resumed? One cannot always stay on a diet. At some time the diet is cheated and the weight gaining procedure starts all over again. To avoid getting into the viscous circle of dieting, reducing weight and then gaining back, one must adopt an exercising routine. Out of many options of exercising available, dancing is the most entertaining and exciting one.


Aerobics is the dance form where the persona must repeat specific hand and leg movements. It is a form of dance with limited steps. It is a good cardio exercise. The person is able to loose a lot of calories in one session of Aerobics. There are several aerobics instructors who pay home visits to their clients. They charge per session or per month. Aerobics is best enjoyed when performed in a group. It is a rigorous exercise. It is good to take the doctor’s advice before staring the same. The pregnant women, the new mothers and people with blood pressure issues must not take up this routine. People with knee issues should convey their concern to the instructors so that she can create the aerobics steps accordingly.


Zumba is yet again a dancing form of exercise. However, Zumba is more rigorous than Aerobics. It is very helpful in shedding the weight in less time. It is entertaining and engaging. It keeps the person enthralled and excited throughout the session. The songs selected for Zumba are very fast numbers. The Zumba steps are designed concentrating on the high fat areas of the body such as thighs, arm and legs. It instantly increases the stamina of its doer. Like aerobics, before starting Zumba also one must consult the doctor. People with weak bones, knee issues and back pain issues must not try it. One can easily find the Zumba instructors through internet. There are many fitness centres that conduct Zumba classes for their members.

Freestyle Dance

People who love to dance can never get fat if they keep on pursuing their hobby. There are no rules in free style dancing. One can dance the way they want. People with knee problems and other medical ailments can also take up this exercise as per their convenience. Many people hire choreographers are practice peppy numbers. It is indeed the most entertaining method of loosing the extra calories. The group of friends or family members come together for the dance practice. They learn the dance steps on new songs along with exercising.

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