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India will proudly complete its seventy years of independence on 15th August 2017
By Sanjay Arora | Aug 10, 2017 at 11:25

15th August 2017

15 august independence day

India will proudly complete its seventy years of independence on 15th August 2017. This beautiful nation became free from the clutches of British Raj when the UK parliament transferred the legislative sovereignty to Indian Constituent Assembly on 15th August 1947. The independence was the result of countless sacrifices, nonviolence resistances, numerous movements led by the Historic heroes of this nation. The Independence Day also coincides with the unfortunate partition of India. On this day, India was divided into two domain lands, Pakistan and India. The partition caused mass causalities and violent riots on both the sides. Close to 15 million people had to leave their homes, lost their property and wealth, lost their loved ones because of religious violence.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became the first prime minister of Independent India. He hoisted national flag of India on the Red Fort of Delhi on this day in 1947. Ever since then, the prime minister of the nation raises the flag at the Lahori gate of Red Fort on each subsequent Independence Day. The Flag hoisting is followed by the national Anthem and the prime minister’s address to the nation.

15th August is the national holiday for the entire nation. There are three National Holidays in India, the Republic Day on 26th January, Independence Day on 15th August and 2nd October which is Gandhi Jayanti. All the schools, government and private offices are closed on this day.

The day of independence is celebrated with pride, enthusiasm and zeal across the country. In many schools and educational institutes, sweets are distributed post Flag hoisting. The children are addressed by the head of the institute and are told about the importance of independence. Many stories of bravery and patriotism are narrated. Numerous patriotic songs and poetries are recited. All the important Government building across the nation are adorned with vibrant Indian National Flag on this day. Significant buildings like The President house, The Parliament are decorated with beautiful lights. Various housing societies across the nation organise cultural programs and community lunch on this day to bring all the residents together under one roof, for one cause. The people across the country dress up in orange or green or white coloured attire to show their feelings for nation on this day.

The day is beautifully and memorably celebrated in many other countries where the population of Indian immigrants is high. In Indian populated states of America, 15th August and the following weekend is celebrated as India Day by the Indians and Americans alike. It is indeed the date that has always etched the minds and hearts of every Indian even if they are not living here.

The capital city of India, New Delhi, celebrates the beautiful day by embellishing its sky with tricoloured kites. Many people gather on their respective terrace in the morning hours and fly numerous kites till late afternoon.

It is one festival that is celebrated by all Indians with utmost joy and pleasure, irrespective of their religion, social background, caste, colour and creed.

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