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Entertainment in Cinema Theater, Malls & Amusement Parks
By BizHancer Team | Sep 13, 2017 at 15:00

Urbanisation has made many people move away from their home lands in search of better opportunities, better income, better quality of life and better growth. To pursue a good career, aspirants must leave their families, relatives, childhood friends and explore the whole new world all alone. In the urban set up mostly the nuclear families dwell. In such setups, socialising options are limited. The urban families do not have many relatives staying around. Friends and acquaintances are also limited for such families. Even if there are relatives and friends staying around, the busy lifestyles, lack of time, gigantic distances, traffic hazards and many more reasons keep the meetings limited. To meet the entertainment demands for these families, many fun filled options are booming nowadays.

Cinema and Theatre

The best way to spend good time is to watch cinemas. There are many multiplexes coming up in both big and small cities of India. These multiplexes offer numerous options of cinemas to the spectators. The guests get to choose from regional language movies, action movies, drama movies, horror movies and many more types of cinemas. The complete information about the various movies showcased in a cinema hall, its show timings, ticket booking services are easily available online. The guests can get their tickets booked online well in advance.

There are also many Theatres in major cities of India. Various drama groups, talented artists, actors, directors perform live play in these theatres. It is indeed an amazing experience to watch these talented artists performing live. However, the small kids and infants are not allowed in such places. The tickets for the plays can be purchased online or from the venue. It is advisable to book the tickets online because at the venue options are limited as the tickets are sold on first come first serve basis.


The malls are indeed the best place to go and spend some good time with spouse and kids. The gigantic malls offer numerous shopping options. Even if shopping is not what you are looking for, malls have several entertainment options for both kids and grownups. Many malls have “Fun Zone” where there are numerous options of varied video games for all age groups. Many malls have amusement rides to thrill their guests. The malls also have numerous eateries offering a large variety of authentic cuisines. There are food courts, private restaurants, junk food outlets to choose from. The numerous eating options cater all kinds of budgets and likes.

Amusement Parks

The amusement parks are the best place to spend a whole day filled with fun. These amusement parks have multiple rides to thrill all the age groups. From small kids to grownups, everyone finds numerous joyous options. Restaurants, fast food joints, ice cream parlours, cold drinks are readily available at such places. It is indeed the best place to visit with friends and large group of families. Many amusement parks also have water parks within. The water rides and other water activities are full of fun and excitement.

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