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Work From Home Opportunities, Home Teaching & Home Shopping
By BizHancer Team | Sep 13, 2017 at 14:10

The homemakers of our families are the most skilled, most talented, most contributing and yet the most neglected set of females. The home chores are not regarded as any kind of work as it does not produce any income. The home chores are trying, time taking, selfless and yet most regardless. The homemakers are the ones whom everyone in the family would back fall at the time of need. Whether it is the on time submission of kid’s home assignment or taking care of sick members of the family, the homemaker does it all without getting paid or asking any leave. Yet her contribution is overlooked in many Indian households.

However, gone are the days when the options were limited and the homemakers were unable to take up any career without compromising upon their household duties. There are numerous kind of jobs and entrepreneurial options that help these talented minds to earn their names in the society. These jobs can be accomplished from the homes and are lucrative.

Home Teaching

Many working mothers are looking for the reliable teachers who can help their kids to improve in their studies. The homemakers are the perfect fit for these jobs. They can have the tuition classes at their homes. There are many websites on which the aspiring candidate can register. These websites not only train the candidate to teach the children professionally but also advertise their skills online. These websites directly transfer the leads of students to the candidate in the nearby area. The candidate is free to choose the time slots and the number of children she wants to teach. Once the teacher earns a good name in the locality, she can independently take up the classes. This is indeed the most noble way to earn good money. The candidate is not only making a good profit for herself but also helping many people in the society.

Courses like vedic math, abacus, Kumon, are always in high demand. The candidate can upgrade her skills by taking training in these professional courses. It is a small investment that provides lucrative career opportunities. The Abacus and Vedic math institutes are easy to find. They are present in all most all the big and small cities of India. Once the training is accomplished, then candidate is awarded with a professional certificate. It indeed helps them to accelerate their career.

Home Shopping

All women love shopping. If it is provided at the convenience of their door step, they would love to buy the product. Many homemakers purchase everyday utility items in bulk from retail markets and put them on exhibitions in their societies. These items can be anything from junk jewellery to dress material to home décor items. The good knowledge of local markets and good bargaining skills are the required skills for taking this entrepreneurial venture. They are lucrative and help the aspirant make fast money by selling these goods at profitable prices. With applications like whatsapp and social media sites, advertising and spreading a word of mouth is not a challenging task.

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